Important Things You Need To Know

When Hiring A Commercial, Professional

Aerial Drone Photographer​

1. Your professional drone pilot has to have an FAA part 107 certified pilot’s license in order to fly commercially. Also, the drone has to be registered with the FAA. If not, they are flying in violation of federal law. Commercial use is defined as exchanging flights or services for compensation of any type. This means that any time a drone is taking pictures for real estate, inspections, a wedding photography package, etc. for revenue, it becomes commercial and requires an FAA Part 107 Certification License.

Make sure you ask to see their FAA Part 107 license and a copy of their drone registration. If they can’t provide this, the person you are hiring is flying illegally and putting you or your company at risk for legal trouble and fines.

2. You also need to make sure that the drone pilot carries full flight liability insurance. Any drone pilot flying a drone for commercial use needs to have flight liability insurance and should be able to produce a copy of their insurance binder when asked. This is very important because it will protect you in the event that the drone crashes and damages property. General liability insurance will very rarely cover a flying accident caused by a drone.

3. Just because someone is a drone pilot, it does not mean that they have photography or videography experience. If you are looking for something special to showcase your real estate, wedding, etc., it is important to make sure that the aerial drone photographer you hire, has a photography background and can provide you with the exceptional images you are looking for.